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We are the leading dairy in Slovenia, with more than fifty years tradition.

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Sustainable development

Safe food

Our main concern: the safety and quality of our dairy products

Our motive and goal are to ensure that the consumers of our products can enjoy safe, quality and delicious products. To achieve all three of the above is not that simple, this is why we strive to do our best in all fields of the company's activities. One of the more important factors in making this possible is our system of ensuring safe and quality food. It is based on extensive knowledge and long-term experience of our experts from various fields.

Our commitment to a quality and careful production of dairy products is being noticed also by external experts. We have been receiving the highest recognitions and awards for the quality of our products by domestic and foreign assessments. These awards are the result and acknowledgment of our long-term work, considering that we have been upgrading our system for guaranteeing the safety of products and the procedures of quality control for years.

We ensure the safety and quality of our dairy products through their entire path to the consumer

We believe that only from quality raw milk it is possible to make excellent dairy products. Therefore, our concern for the safety and quality of milk and dairy products starts at the very beginning – on cow farms.

Every day we verify the suitability and quality of the packaging and other additives which are in direct contact with foodstuffs. By doing this we ensure the safety of our products.

Only the best is good enough for us, this is why we accept in our dairies only safe raw milk of the highest quality.

The highest level of safety and quality of our products are ensured by control points, chemical analyses and microbiological examinations that we carry out in accordance with international standards. We implement all the above several times during the production process.

Not everything can be attributed only to high technology, analyses and examinations. For us, it is also important that consumers consider our products as simply good and delicious. Our experts ensure this by carrying out daily sensory tastings which we perform in accordance with the International Dairy Federation standard.

We do not interrupt product safety and quality control even when the delicious dairy products leave our warehouses. We follow them all the way up to the moment when buyers take them from the shelves.

We organized our care for product safety and quality into a comprehensive system that begins with raw milk quality control at the producer and ends when each individual product reaches the end consumer.

Policy of quality


Ljubljanske mlekarne, as a member of Lactalis Group, has a long-term commitment to the quality and safety of our products and processes and to environmental protection, which is one of the fundamental duties and responsibilities of all our employees. Our ability to keep pace with change and to improve quality are two key prerequisites for the leadership position of Lactalis Group on the global market.

Ljubljanske mlekarne have introduced and integrated management system which both complements and implements our quality management, food safety management, and environmental management systems. We have a customer-oriented team of creative, motivated and responsible employees. With our knowledge and in our work we create safe, innovative, natural, superior products and efficient, quality services. In this way we create and satisfy the needs and expectations of our shareholders, buyers, customers and suppliers. Our employees are assured of a creative working environment.

In our quality policy we have defined our objectives and our commitment to the continual improvement of food quality, environmental management and the satisfaction of our customers and buyers:
Our Aims

in the fields of food safety and quality and environmental management.


We guarantee the safety and quality of our raw materials, additives and packaging.


We design and implement new technologies and products in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, responsibly manage all significant aspects of the environment, and strive for the sustainable use of energy.


We provide the best quality products to meet the expectations of the consumers of our brands.


We provide the best services in terms of customer expectations.


We guarantee the reliability of our suppliers, subcontractors and deliveries.


We improve quality and profitability, and appropriately manage disparities.

Our Commitments

The management is committed to implementing the quality policy of the company in all of our markets.


Each year the management commits to reaching its achieved targets and measures its aims against the quality policy.


Every employee has an impact on the safety and quality of products and environmental management, within their work and defined tasks.


We manage the safety of our products and processes, and successfully introduce changes.

Our Quality Policy is published on the website of Ljubljanske mlekarne and is thus accessible to the public and to everyone working for our company or on our behalf. Tomaž Žnidarič,
President of the Management Board
April, 2015

Social responsibility

Through the years we have become a large and successful company, bringing also great responsibility. As the largest dairy in Slovenia we are fully aware of the responsibility toward our employees, the environment, the community in which we operate, the consumers of our products and other stakeholders of the company.

We believe that we can realize long-term goals only with good relationships, which begin within the company with our employees, who are the foundation of our successes, and also with a responsible attitude to our social and natural environments.

Our task is to do everything in our power to make our activities socially and environmentally sustainable, efficient and friendly, all of which will lead to the long-term success of the company. Therefore, social responsibility is an integral part of our management strategy.


In Ljubljanske mlekarne we are aware that our employees are the basis for the development and growth of our company. Therefore, we plan our activities in the field of relations with our employees strategically and implement them in the long term. We especially strive toward acquiring and keeping enthusiastic and capable employees and thus build the culture of a successful company.

We comply with all statutory provisions; we follow the rules of ethical attitude toward the fellow man and ensure equal opportunities for all our employees. We have been raising our standards above the statutory provisions and have further upgraded the care for the quality of life or our employees:
  • we are the first company in the food-processing industry in Slovenia to have received the basic and permanent certificate of family-friendly company.
  • we systematically provide for the safety, development and awarding of our employees;
  • we encourage and award innovators;
  • we regularly, timely, bi-directionally and openly communicate with our employees,
  • we select our Employees of the Year, who operate according to our values and our common policies;
  • we offer the opportunity for our employees to spend their holidays in our own holiday facilities;
  • we take part at sports games twice a year;
  • we support the activities of the Ljubljanske mlekarne Sport Association;
  • we encourage recreation at the workplace.

Nature and environment

Milk is a great gift of nature and at Ljubljanske mlekarne we therefore take particular care in protecting the natural environment. Efficient environmental management is one of the company's important strategic policies.

We plan the introduction of new technologies so as to decrease emissions and control the consumption of natural resources. In 2003, we certified the system of environmental protection which aims at EMAS registration. It is a scheme that covers the area of the entire European Union and beyond. It is intended to assess and improve the effects of environment protection in organizations and to inform the public about such activities.

We give special attention to increasing energy efficiency (consumption of electricity and steam). We decrease the consumption of water and emissions to the environment (mixed municipal waste and industrial waste water). Each year we successfully decrease the carbon footprint of the factory in Ljubljana: we decreased carbon footprint for 4% in 2011 and for 11% in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Our employees, who are being regularly trained in this field, are also committed to take care for the environment. We separate waste everywhere in the company and we all do the best we can to decrease the consumption of electric energy and water.

We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the future in the environmental area, which we backed with an investment plan. In the following years we will keep decreasing the consumption of electric energy, optimizing internal transportation and continue carrying out activities for an efficient consumption of water and steam. At the same time we will also decrease noise, especially during summer.

Local community

Ljubljanske mlekarne has been active for more than half a century and in this time we have established many ties with the local environment and have become inseparable with society. Through the years we have been listening carefully to the needs of the people around us and we count this as one of our achievements.

We are proud to have been able to support numerous projects in the field of humanitarian aid by sponsorship and donations. We invest in sports, education, science and culture, and we actively participate in local communities.

Milk is the basic foodstuff for everyone, and it is especially important for the youngest, this is why we provide it to those who can hardly afford it – safe houses, maternity homes and crisis centres across Slovenia. In total, we donate around 25 thousand litres of Alpine milk every year.

Through partnership relations we help the sporting achievements of the Slovenian alpine skiers and Jošt Zakrajšek, kayaker on still water.

Our doors are always wide open to students from various fields of study, who are eager to learn and with whom we look forward to share our knowledge from different business areas.

The support of the broader and immediate social environment is our ongoing commitment. It helps us keep and maintain good relations with the public, and at the same time it increases the loyalty of our employees. Many among them, their children, other family members, friends, acquaintances ... are, in fact, members of various organizations that we support.

Fair business practices

The basis of good relations with the company's stakeholders is our fair practices in all areas. We have written down our guidelines in the Code of Conduct, which is the basic manual for all employees. We have clearly defined our responsibilities, set the frameworks of our operation and defined the appropriate behaviour in different business situations.

The written guidelines for business practices simplify the dilemmas that arise in everyday challenges, while the code represents an important guidance for fair practices of all who contribute creating the success of Ljubljanske mlekarne.

Relationship with product consumers

With our committed work we primarily care for the satisfaction of the consumers of our products. For them, we develop delicious products of our recognizable Mu, Alpsko mleko, Ego, Planica, Jošt, Maxim Premium brands and others. We provide for a quality and safe packaging and deliver them in time to the shops’ shelves. At the same time we take good care that all information required by law is suitably, clearly and accurately specified on all our products. This is also an important factor of our consumers’ trust and of our success on the market.

We upgrade classic advertising methods with new, digital communication tools and innovative promotional activities. We wish to communicate in a creative manner and thus enhance visibility and differentiation. Despite this, we always take care not to mislead the consumer with the content and form of our marketing activities.

Our communication is open and bi-directional. A customer assistance centre is available to everyone, and we will be happy to reply to your initiatives and answer your questions on online social networks (Facebook and Twitter).